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 Masalah Myvi Satu Negara...

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MyviX Junior
MyviX Junior

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PostSubject: Masalah Myvi Satu Negara...   5/10/2010, 9:41 pm

heloo frens..
i have one prob ere.
hope otai2 out there can advise alil bit..

i have a prob with my rear tyre, the gap measurement between tyre n body..
im using 16" sport rims, APM sport spring n standard P2 absober.
i realised that the tyre gap (usually measured by dua jari, satu jari, ext), is different between left n right..

my rear left tyre, the gap is dua jari setengah.
my rear right tyre, the gap is dua jari muat2.. (senget sebelah)
u can see the slight difference of height from behind if u park ur car.
Yes i am a particular person.

i have change the left spring to right n right to left.
but the result still the same.

i have changed to P2 kilang MYVI punye rear absorber.
still same.

i have asked tokey kedai workshop yang sangat otai. he used to solved any of ur car problem.
he said ''aiya, ini problem biasa ma... Myvi pasang sport rim memang ini macam jadi.. SATU NEGARA MAAAA INI MACAM.....''
no solution.

Pls... HELP ME!!!!!!

Do i need to change my sport spring?
Do i need to change my standard P2 absober again depan belakang??
Do i need to chenge my whole suspension system??
Or do i need to change my CAR???!!!
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MyviX Freshies
MyviX Freshies

Male Age : 36
Location : bangsar
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PostSubject: Re: Masalah Myvi Satu Negara...   24/12/2010, 2:49 pm car also got problem same with u.
many SC i asked and the answer is same(normal problem fir myvi)

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Masalah Myvi Satu Negara...
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