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 [WTS] Ionizer for Car Interior, Purify car interior RM110

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PostSubject: [WTS] Ionizer for Car Interior, Purify car interior RM110   3/7/2008, 7:08 pm


Maintaining a clean environment inside our vehicle is as important as the clean environment we expect of our homes. The air inside our card contains pollutants and contaminants such as smog, exhaust fumes, dust, bacteria, mold and mildew that are detrimental to our health and that of other occupants.

With AAF Car Air Purifier, you have the latest technology and design of an Ionizer in your car. It is much more than the conventional car negative ionizer or the car plasma ozone air sterilizer. It combines a sleek and attractive design with built-in fan and Carbon Filter Deodorization Layer in additional to the latest industry Carbon Fiber Negative Ionizer.

The Ozone free Carbon Fiber Ionizer generates millions of negative ions to replace the lost natural ions depleted by synthetic materials and static caused by electronic appliances in the car. These ions are known to relief stress and increase our alertness and concentration while on the road. Negative ions are also known to be a relief to people with sinuses and asthmatic conditions

Product special features

• Carbon Fiber Ionizer generates negatives ions without the hazards of Ozone.

• The Carbon Filter Deodorization Layer adsorbs gaseous contaminants in the air (special features)

• High Performance Ultra Quiet Fan draws the polluted air in, and then blows the cleaned air back into the air car.

• Operate on 12-Volts on your car cigarette lighter.

• Articulate Plug Design suitable for almost all dashboards’ configuration

• LED Power Indicator and low power consumption

selling at RM110 only

warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects and subject to proper use and resonable care. Warranty does not cover the external casing.

location for delivery / pick up : Wangsa Maju / Cheras

if by postage, please add RM5.00 for anywhere within Malaysia.

please contact
016 2233 629

for futher enquiries.
You can visit
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[WTS] Ionizer for Car Interior, Purify car interior RM110
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